225 litres : a collection of furniture for wine bars, wine restaurants, for all professionals of the restoration, but also for individuals, made from wooden barrels and steel.

The barrels have a limited life in winemaking and often end up rejected. They are doing a magnificent oak, without knots, and it is a shame not to give them a second life. Christophe Lorenzoni then dismounts and turns them into strong and durable furniture by combining the staves to a crude steel.

Present already in Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy ...) but also the United States, it is possible to ship the furniture in the world.

Several criteria used in the manufacture of items :
 - Do not separate siblings : to the extent possible, the furniture is made with the staves of a barrel even, to have a color unit
 - Extend the story : the staves are simply brushed varnished or oiled, thereby altering the original appearance as possible. The wood and retains its patina.
 - Finally, it is all different : each stave is unique, so the pieces too become unique.

Our achievements